Just pure nonsense

“The following is the poem I’ve written under the influence of Enya’s song ‘Only Time’. It was rated by my friend, whom I call here as The Girl (also known as Batgirl, The Barbarian, and April Girl), as ‘…ugly line cutting, confusing imagery, and atrocious redundancy…’ and the list goes on and on.

Like I said, I’ve written this under the influence of a redundant but beautiful song. Expect me to write logically? I’m not even a poet. Still, I may have an innate quirk that derives great pleasure from being criticized. So just criticized this piece bitterly.


‘The deafening silence.
Where are you?
The memories of our last dance.
Where are you?

The embraces you gave me.
Where are you?
Forever is only a dream.
Where are you?

Along the narrow path in the forest.
There you are.
Behind those falling autumm leaves
There you are.

Lying peacefully on the soft grass.
There you are.
The wind gently whispers.
There you are.

I touched you pale face.
Your crystal eyes looked at mine.
Tears slowly came out.
Yours and also mine.’


Already having a trauma?”


~ by rosmant on January 29, 2006.

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