All things do end. It’s time to go.

一番の宝物 (My Most Precious Treasure)
Lyrics / Composition: Jun Maeda
Arrangement: Hikarisyuyo
Vocals: Yui (LiSA)

Whenever our faces met, we would only fight.
Even those were good memories.

You taught me this. I’m not afraid anymore.
No matter how confined I am, I can catch happiness. So…

Even alone, I’ll go on, even if it’s painful.
I’ll definitely take along the dream I saw with you.
It was nice to be with you, you and not anyone else.
…But in the morning I woke up to, you’re not there.

I felt like we could just have fun forever.
I understand that I only felt that way.
With the things that were born, I won’t have regrets anymore.
It’s like after a festival. It’ll be lonely, but it’s time to go.

I’ll go anywhere with the things that I learned here.
I’ll show that I can make the dream called happiness come true.
Even if we’re apart, no matter how far apart we become,
I will live on in a new morning.

Even alone, I’ll go on. Even if I start to want to die,
I’ll hear your voice telling me that I must not die.
Even if it’s painful, even if the loneliness makes me cry,
Deep in my heart, I’ll feel your warmth.

Turning and flowing along, time is transient.
What happened then? I can’t remember,
But if I try closing my eyes, I hear someone’s laughing voice.
For some reason, that is now my greatest treasure.

Lyrics taken from here.

Thanks for the fun and emotional ride, Angel Beats!


~ by rosmant on June 27, 2010.

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