About Rosmant

My name is not important at the moment. The net-name (as I call it) “Rosmant” is my supposedly pen-name in our Creative Writing, and later, Malikhaing Pagsulat classes. I took up BA Psychology from a certain University. I am a FOSS advocate, and is a member of a university-based Linux Users’ Group. My interests include RTS games, Animes, FOSS apps, programming (with biases towards Python and C), Movies, Music (except Rap/R&B), and of course, Psychology. I frequently engage in philosophical discussions with myself and to some extent, other people as well. I don’t like talking in front of many people but will find the courage to do so if needed. I love cooking and food. I am a frustrated writer and pianist. I like being silent and contemplating things and observing people.


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