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“In between talks on test administrations, personnel development, and merits of eating lechon, you remember this girl who always wanted to see you but you, being the bastard that you are, simply ignored her feelings till it’s too late.

You saw, through your mind’s eye how she’s there, sitting on her hospital bed while looking beyond the window, holding the cellphone in hopes that you might send her a message. She doesn’t want to bother you ever since you told her that you’re too busy these days, which was partly true. Except that there were opportunities that you could have visited her for the sake of making her happy. You told yourself what use would it be if you’ll force yourself to do it. You remember how one day she called at your house and you’re not home and how your dad was the one who answered the phone. You don’t know if you’ll laugh or be sad that she thought that your dad was you, since both of you have similar voices. You long to hear her complaints, aspirations, nonsense stories about her that she told your dad, and how she thanked your dad for being there. Except that all that time your dad pretended to be you. You cringe on how you received the news that she already passed away just when you’re planning to visit her. Just when you felt guilt avoiding her feelings, she left without saying goodbye. You told yourself that at least you’ll go to her funeral. But the stupid helper forgot to tell you that the internment was the day before and stupidly remembered it AFTER you were told by the girl’s mom that she was already buried. You felt that pang in your chest when one day you met her parents in the mall and how they told you stories of her last days, on how she waited for you to contact her, just to say hi, on how she tried hard to live just for your sake.

Rationality dictates that whatever you feel right now won’t change the fact that she’s already dead.

But it fucking hurts.”


Sedo pro tempestas

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“Haven’t blogged for awhile. Was too busy doing various stuff (i.e. school work). Thesis defense was finally over, though there were still a lot of things to do. All of the groups will have revisions, but no one failed this year.

I’ll kinda miss this year, this year being the first year of teaching. I learned a lot of things (speaking in English is relatively a breeze for me now compared last year) and met a lot of interesting people.

The following days, I hope, would give me ample time for reflection.

Yes, this post’s very dull since I’m still sleepy as of now. Will update later.”

Testing Publicize Feature of WordPress

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Will this work? I dunno, hehe.

Since you found this blog…

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…and commented about the fireworks, here’s a song for you xD.

Prom by Sugarfree

Nanginginig na mga kamay
Puso kong di mapalagay
Pwede ba kitang tabihan
Kahit na may iba ka nang kasama

Ito na ang gabing di malilimutan
Dahan-dahan tayong nagtinginan

Parang ating ang gabi
Para bang wala tayong katabi
At tayo’y sumayaw
Na parang di na tayo bibitaw

Nalalasing sa iyong tingin
Di malaman laman ang gagawin
Habang lumalamim ang gabi
Ay lumalapit ang ating mga labi

Ito na ang gabing di malilimutan
Tayo’y naglakad ng dahan-dahan

Parang atin ang gabi
Para bang wala tayong katabi
At tayo’y sumayaw
Na parang di na tayo bibitaw

Matapos man ang sayaw
Pangakong di ka bibitaw

Parang atin ang gabi
Parang atin ang gabi
Parang atin ang gabi
Para bang wala tayong katabi
At tayo’y sumayaw
Na parang di na tayo bibitaw

Parang atin ang gabi
Para bang wala tayong katabi
At tayo’y sumayaw
Na parang di na tayo bibitaw
Di na tayo bibitaw

UPCAT Results Online – University of the Philippines

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UPCAT Results Online – University of the Philippines.

Viewing headless bodies causes face adaptation : Neurophilosophy

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Viewing headless bodies causes face adaptation : Neurophilosophy.


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I was suppose to post this before 2009 ends as a sort of year-end post, but I can’t resist taking pictures of some of the fireworks around here.

I went up to our balcony at around 23:32, positioned by tripod and digicam, and started hunting for the best fireworks. It turns out I forgot to charge the freaking camera, and I only had 30 minutes to take shots. Furthermore, several wires were blocking the view. What’s worse, it seems no one near us used those expensive, beautiful-to-look-at fireworks.

Thankfully I was able to take decent shots. Well, these are shots that I can manage, given my equipment and situation.

Come to think of it, life is like hunting the best fireworks shot/s. Whether it’s romance, happiness, or success, it’s as elusive and as beautiful as witnessing fireworks. You are constrained by internal and external factors. And even if these beautiful fireworks present themselves in your front, sometimes you have to choose among them, because you only have one camera lens to focus on these fireworks. It’s 40% searching, 40% luck, and 20% persistence.

I’m too sleepy to be babbling about life and fireworks. Both are beautiful to behold. Both are evanescent. The very thing that makes us appreciate both things is that they’re both magnificent and temporary. Only their memories and shadows will remain with us.

This post is untitled, so to speak. Life is a work-in-progress. Nothing’s destined. 2010 is a blank whiteboard. It’s up to you what would your life’s title be.

Anyway, good night and good morning.