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We bid our farewells with hugs and kisses. How cute.

“See you.”

“See you when I see you.”

Then you walk away, away from me, stopping just long enough to say something.

“I love you.”

I muttered the same to you.

I prepared to cross the street but I decided to watch your back as you walk away from me.


“Can I have selfish request, just this one time?”

“What is it?”

“I know it’s hard, but can you try to be faithful to me?”


“Is it yes or no?”



You stole numerous glances at me while you walk, and each time I smiled back at you.


“Baka umiyak ka naman pag-alis ko na.”


I won’t. It’s not like we’re breaking up. Even if I am feeling the same thing that one should feel when someone he loves walks away from his life.

I can’t see you anymore. I looked up at the dark sky. I switched on my player. Soulful and sad music began to play.

I told myself that everything will be fine. I can’t stop moving forward. I have to move forward.

Someday, we will see each other, and when that happens, I won’t be surprised. Because even though life is really unfair, that probably I’ll be alone forever, that I might not be able to live long enough to see my dreams fulfilled, you came and taught me something.

That even if the probability is close to zero, it is still worth it.

Thank you for letting me believe in miracles again.


“Can I have a request?”


“Can you kiss me?”



~ by rosmant on June 18, 2010.

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