10 Reasons why Summer Influenza is the worst

1. It’s too damn hot, but I can’t drink any cold beverage. I must settle with warm soup, and lukewarm water.

2. Can’t drink any sweet beverage, should it irritate my throat.

3. Unripe mangoes are very popular during summer, and I eat them with sautéed bagoong. But I can’t since it will also irritate my my throat.

4. Must stay in bed most of the time. And I’m sweating like there’s no tomorrow.

5. My eyes are tired. My body’s weak. Headache’s killing me. Can’t enjoy my favorite shows.

6. Can’t study nor read either.

7. Can’t play online games too.

8. Can’t browse the internet for long durations.

9. You look like you’re all messed up.

10. You write boring blog posts like this one.


~ by rosmant on May 26, 2010.

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