I was suppose to post this before 2009 ends as a sort of year-end post, but I can’t resist taking pictures of some of the fireworks around here.

I went up to our balcony at around 23:32, positioned by tripod and digicam, and started hunting for the best fireworks. It turns out I forgot to charge the freaking camera, and I only had 30 minutes to take shots. Furthermore, several wires were blocking the view. What’s worse, it seems no one near us used those expensive, beautiful-to-look-at fireworks.

Thankfully I was able to take decent shots. Well, these are shots that I can manage, given my equipment and situation.

Come to think of it, life is like hunting the best fireworks shot/s. Whether it’s romance, happiness, or success, it’s as elusive and as beautiful as witnessing fireworks. You are constrained by internal and external factors. And even if these beautiful fireworks present themselves in your front, sometimes you have to choose among them, because you only have one camera lens to focus on these fireworks. It’s 40% searching, 40% luck, and 20% persistence.

I’m too sleepy to be babbling about life and fireworks. Both are beautiful to behold. Both are evanescent. The very thing that makes us appreciate both things is that they’re both magnificent and temporary. Only their memories and shadows will remain with us.

This post is untitled, so to speak. Life is a work-in-progress. Nothing’s destined. 2010 is a blank whiteboard. It’s up to you what would your life’s title be.

Anyway, good night and good morning.


~ by rosmant on January 2, 2010.

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