“You went up on the stage to observe them dancing and jumping in sync with the wild music. She suddenly walks towards you and tries to drag you into the middle of the crowd to dance with her. Of course you declined. In your life you were never known as a party animal, let alone a party dancer. You notice the disappointment at her face but you can’t bring yourself to accompany her. She walks away somewhat angry and sad.

You went back to the sound system room, your mind gnawing you not only because you disappointed her, but you lied to yourself and said that you didn’t want to dance with her. And yet…

You suddenly stood up, went out of your refuge, walked towards her, lifts her hand as quickly and as gently as possible, and went into the middle of the crowd to dance. It was only then that you realized that what was playing was slow music. You panicked, this is an awkward moment, you tell yourself. You fumbled on how will you carry this out. You told her, as casually as possible, that you don’t know what to do, yet your voice sounded nervously. She grabs your hand and puts it on her hips, while you two dance, or rather, moved left and right in synchronized motion. You felt so awkward, the first time in your life, that you can’t bring yourself to look at her eyes and gaze upon her face. You can see the other students taking a picture of you. You tried to laugh at your predicament, but you noticed that she seems dissatisfied. You don’t know what to do. As your mind raced thinking of a way to at least make her smile tonight, the song ends.

You both separated from each other without any single word. She goes back to her group of friends while you went out of the venue.

You sat near the gate. Stupid, stupid, stupid, you tell yourself. Stupid. You’ll remember this event as one of those things that you’ll change should you be given an opportunity to turn back time. You can still feel the numerous eyes staring at you. But you’re also happy. For a moment you wished that somehow, somehow, your dance with her would never end.”


~ by rosmant on December 19, 2009.

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