Ash-like Snow

Yay! The 2nd quarterly exams were finally over, here comes the checking and updating of individual student grades. List of things to be done this month:

  • Record and update grades
  • Establish the journalism club
  • Plan the entire quarter’s lesson for thesis and literature
  • Finalize installation and tweaking of Koha for the Library Automation
  • Upgrade laptop
  • Open a Bank Account

And many many more that I can’t remember xD

Meanwhile, I am moving forward with my life. I find it surprising that I enjoy teaching. Might stay in this job for at least another year. More or less, I’ll have to leave this field after 3-4 years. Might as well enjoy the moment haha.

For the meantime, my interest in anime has been revived, thanks to Code Geass.


~ by rosmant on November 3, 2009.

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