Life update

Haven’t updated this blog for awhile, partly because of being too busy, partly because i had nothing to write/expound/rant on. Which is not to say that I have something relevant to write now. Just felt updating. After all, it’s not like my readers will be missing anything.

Anyway, living a single life has its ups and downs. It’s fun since now I have all the time to do the things that I want. It’s sad because sometimes I ask myself if what I’m doing is what I really need?

Everything for me starts by asking questions. Introspective interrogation has been my friend since God knows when. There is a question though if what I’m doing is really introspection/discovering myself or just rationalizations.

Spewing out random thoughts typing on my laptop while lying on my bed. Feels lazy these past few days. I do know it’s not depression, having experienced that ordeal 2 years ago. It’s not stress, methinks. I just need sleep. But that reasoning can also be a rationalization.

In a way, this is still freewriting, though not as random as my other freewritings. But now you can see that I’m still not inspired to write anything. Which reminds me. I discovered this particular research manual written by one of the former teachers of the school where I teach. I’m thinking of rewriting this one.

Oh well. Meanwhile, I can’t stop listening to Yiruma’s tunes, since they resemble my improvisations a bit. I just wish they re-tune the piano back.

That’s it. Boring post. Boring life.


~ by rosmant on November 1, 2009.

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