Life Update | Games Games Games

Too lazy to write. Will write in bullet form:

> Is finally graduating. All that’s left is getting the clearance.

> Is Net Surfing all day.

> Is playing Online Games (more of this later)

> Went to Mountain Province (Ifugao, Bontoc, Sagada)

> Is recovering finally from depression.

I’m wasting my time on Online Games. Here are some of the games I am addicted to (for now)(click the name of the game to access them):



Basically stickman fighting game, matrix style. Trust me, it’s so cool.



Pokemon/Travian that sucks because you are only allowed one move per certain interval (which keeps getting longer and longer), but I still play it.



Collection of flash games which also happens to give you the chance to earn real money (chance right?) or gifts.


Play as a citizen of the world.


Pseudo-tetris with a twist: combining 3 same ingredients will produce a new ingredient.

and lastly

My Brute

“Settle up your differences in the Arena”

So there. Will be wasting my time now. Later.


~ by rosmant on April 19, 2009.

One Response to “Life Update | Games Games Games”

  1. Wow. that’s a lot of games for a day… I hope not at work, hehehe…

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