The Last Days: cont’d Day 1 – Day 7

Barely had time to log the things I did last week:

Day 1: Last CWTS CBA Class. Finished Philo 171 exam exactly on time, though the quality of the paper is questionable because I rushed to complete it. Was not able to attend the bonus activity. Spent entire evening making the presentation for the report the following day on Biopsych Lecture Class.

Day 2: Was absent in 7AM Math 2 class. Was also absent on Psych 171 Class. Still haven’t completed the Slide presentation, but luckily we weren’t able to report due to lack of time. Spent the afternoon travelling for the first time to Ayala Avenue for a job interview in Smart. Was told that because the job was for urgent hiring, they won’t guarantee that there would still be vacant positions in April, though the interview was nice and all. Spent the evening making the slides for paper proposal on Biopsych Lab Class.

Day 3: Was absent in 10AM BA 170 Class. Was able to complete presentatios. Faced with several misfortunes such as non-working LCD projector. But we all came through it alive. Spent the evening completing the slide presentation for Biopsych Lecture Class.

Day 4: Reviewing for both Math 2 and Psych 171 exams. Math 2 was a breeze but Psych 171 was crapped. Was able to finish presentation and the report. Spent the entire evening making presentation for BA 151 Org report.

Day 5: Finished the presentation, though there were some problems in sending them to the emails of the group members. Arrived late at class report (class starts at 8:30, I arrived at 9:15). Immediately reported on Methodology after entering the classroom.

Day 6: Somewhat rest day. Spent teaching some kids in the morning, then searching for probable topics for Biopsych Lecture Proposal in the afternoon, though I fell asleep. Spent the evening in the congregation and then talking to her before experimenting brainwave synchronization in theta while sleeping.

Day 7: Today, I spent the morning searching for leads for my proposed research, fell asleep before lunch, and then somewhat wasted my time on social networking sites. Is now working on three things: BA 170 Marketing Audit Writeup, Psych 171 Modules and Project Final Paper and Journals, and Biopsych Lec paper proposal.

Woooh. Later.


~ by rosmant on March 22, 2009.

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