Why am I posting now?!

Right. I am getting sicker and sicker everyday. Here I am right now doing my take-home final exam from PI 100, plus contemplating how to code my data for my paper due on field methods on psych. And coughing and coughing.

I was thinking about the AFP propaganda about militant youth organizations and communism. And I just finished reading blogs of some activists. And you know what? Either the AFP is damningly stupid or was just bribed (of course I am talking generally here). I mean if you listen to the calls of these students, our calls, would you say we/they are planning to overthrow the government? Nonsense. Do your jobs, and we’ll be quiet. The fact that you people do not listen forces some of them to resort to armed struggle.

Hmmm, did I just made some seditious remarks here? Better be prepared. Might be tracked, kidnapped, and tortured by these so-called protectors of the people.

Just remembered Zafra: “Philippines. A gift to ironists everywhere.”



~ by rosmant on October 10, 2008.

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