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Okay, the first semester is finally ending. Lots of work to do!

1. PI 100 Take home exam (pass the deadline)

2. Psych 180 Paper Proposal on Monday

3. CS 11 Exam on Monday

4. BA 101 Exam on Tuesday

5. Interview with Architect Nakpil on Wednesday

6. Psych 135 Exam on Thursday

7. Psych 135 Empirical Paper Data Collection Deadline on Thursday

8. Psych 118 Final Paper + Exercises

9. Psych 155 Movie Review

10. Psych 135 Empirical Paper on 20

11. End! Yay!

Hope I can find the strength to accomplish these. Waaaaah!


~ by rosmant on October 10, 2008.

One Response to “return 0; }”

  1. Hanep! Diverse subjects. BA 101 and CS 11 for a Psychology Major. Pa-share naman ng mga nagawa niyo na MP para meron akong challenge pwede gawin. Goodluck sa mga exams at papers mo!

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