Mission Accomplished!!

Was trying to catch up the deadline for my PI 100 exam but it turns out that I need at least 2 days to complete the papers. Well, Life IS unfair. Deal with it, hehehe.

On more serious things though, apparently I need to make some precautions lately due to my ‘seditious’ remarks about AFP and the like. Looks like I will be tracked down, kidnapped, and tortured, and will be accused as one of those “goddamn communists.” I hope the government would listen to the youth for a change. Although I didn’t finished my exam, I did read that the youth was a substantial element in social change and nation building. Although formal institutions do allow the youth political particpation, it turns out that they were being groomed to assume the ‘old politics game’ perpetuated by the older politicians who wished to upheld their status quo than to give genuine youth representation in the government.

Apparently according to the surveys, 60% of the youth is not interested in politics, with getting a stable job and a good family topping their priorities.

This calls to mind Basilio’s response to Simon (Fili).

Well, it seems like I have to end the memory/idea dump for now.


~ by rosmant on October 10, 2008.

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