What if your lower dorsal orifice closed??

Right now I am doing several things all at the same time:

Writing a post

Playing BattleKnight http://s3.battleknight.us/index.php?loc=hire&ref=MzA3Mzk4

Researching Qualitative Methods and Studies

Searching for Psychophysical Software

Checking my email

Currently typing this in a computer shop, where everyone is a screaming adolescent and playing CS. I surprisingly, I can tolerate them.

That aside, my patience is running out due to the fact that xkcd has also been banned at DilNet. Looks like some Troglodyte is managing the system of banning so-called bandwidth-hog sites. What bandwidth-hog??

Edit: It turns out that xkcd wasn’t banned. My fault. (stupid, stupid).


~ by rosmant on October 4, 2008.

3 Responses to “What if your lower dorsal orifice closed??”

  1. Watda, banned na ang xkcd? Bakit po? T_T

    Hello Kuya Rosmant. 😀

  2. Hindi, nagkamali ako pasensya na sa guy na yun, hehehe.

  3. I’m about to watch Magnolia tonight, para sana mabalik ko na sayo yung CD mo. Pero nakita ko na 3:05:31 ang running time niya.

    (Jev to self: Sa Saturday na lang.)

    Got to watch a few minutes of it though. Got creeped out with the first scene.


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