“No, I can live without a social life, but I need my Internet!”

Note: All ideas expressed in this blog does not necessarily reflect reality, though I trust the reader will know which is fact when he or she sees one =)

I googled the history of computers here in the Philippines and found out that information concerning this stuff is not as easy to get as I first thought of. But I do read that the computers were a big hit here around 80’s and 90’s (Zafra describes the 80’s as “a dark time haunted by funny hairstyles & deplorable fashions.” Just remembered).

I don’t know about you, but I think computers and all the technological stuff it brought us completely changed our way of living, well, life. I am young (surprisingly) but I do remember my parents when were still in Bulacan with their ‘cellphone’ the size of an average Filipino arm and as thick as a typical door knob, not including the antenna. Every time someone is going to make a call, one has to go outside of the house or even climb up the roof to get a signal.

These are the stories our generation frequently heard, and yet I am still amazed by the fact that I could witness such a rapid progress in our mastery of technology. Take for example me typing this post on a word processor. Six years ago I would have typed this on a typewriter, assuming that I need it to look professional. It was seven years ago when I first knew how to create an email account. Yes, its for Raganarok but the point is that today, it would be rare to find someone (of my generation) who doesn’t know how to create an email account. Those who don’t unfortunately suffer humiliation from their classmates.
Our lives were now inevitably part of an abstract world known as “cyberspace” (I don’t know if the word is still in use, because I suspect that the term itself is now archaic), a term invented by a sci-fi writer named Wiliam Gibson for his novel “Neuromancer” (1984). More than 20 years later, we have MMORPG’s, social networking sites, “chat rooms” though not really rooms, weblogs, and the like. We can now surf the Internet through our WiFi enabled devices. Our gadgets were now getting smarter and smarter with embedded OS in it. Finally, as I am an advocate of Free and Open Source Software, FOSS is now gradually entering the minds of the public, leaking from the circle of geeks and intellectuals.

Libraries, Multimedia, Science, Business, Education, AI, Medicine, Art. These are but some of the fields greatly enhanced by, if not dependent to, the progress of technology.

What could a third world country like ours benefit from this? How can we take advantage of this facts, this reality? What are the opportunities awaiting? What about the digital divide?

The biggest I.T. event of 2008 I believe, will try to provide answers to these questions and more.

UP ITTC, UP, and UPSITF, will be organizing the 6th Philippine Youth Congress in Information Technology, more commonly known as Y4iT. It will be held September 2-5, 2008, at the University Theater, UP Film Institute, and UP Bahay ng Alumni, all locations at UP Diliman. It will cover topics such as blogging, Collective Intelligence, Social Networking, and many more.

For further details , please contact the Y4IT secretariat:

Direct Line: (02) 920-2080

Trunk Line: (02) 981 -8500 loc. 4468/4469

Facsimile: (02) 920-2036

Email: y4it@ittc.up.edu.ph

Website: y4it.up.edu.ph or ittc.up.edu.ph


~ by rosmant on August 31, 2008.

One Response to ““No, I can live without a social life, but I need my Internet!””

  1. shameless plugging! LOL. 🙂

    still haunted by the concept of Agapic Love. still thinking if I can actually manage to achieve it, with me becoming more paranoid than ever. *sigh*

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