Day Wasted. Me Wasted. Will do Paper or Not do Paper.

Ok so I was waken up by my mother and she tells me that she needs me to do a training presentation, basically I’ll just transfer a 10-paged training material into the slideshow presentation. I said I’ll do it later and let me go to sleep. She left me and I tried, but my day was already off to a bad start. I booted my laptop and started selecting the best design for the presentation (I spent most of my time creating or selecting the most appropriate design and animating the presentation). Was not able to finish it on time so I just said I’ll go with her to the office to finish it. I figured I can spend my time in Burger King (now my current offcial tambay spot) bumming around.

Hell I finished an hour before lunch, and the presentation was needed at 2pm. Three hours was a bit too short for me, but I managed to download some nifty ebooks and an antivirus software (Linux user here but can’t stand the fact that the Windoze had actually caught a virus).

Aside from that, I believe I wasn’t able to accomplish anything today. Back at the office, before and after the presentation, I tried to implement the counting sort algorithm to C but it seems like I still needed some further reading. Also, I had this terrible headache that I can’t concentrate on the books I brought.

Speaking of these books, I fear that I won’t be able to finish my papers again this semester. Human Motivation is a fascinating subject, but it seems like I always find an excuse to avoid doing my paper.

Getting sleepy now. At least Zetty finally replied to me on meebo.

Just remembered something I told someone when I was in BK: “Love is not a rational activity anyway. Why bother rationalizing it?” It seems so profound, but was answered instantaneously by my alter-ego.

“It is because we, humans, are rationalizing beings. Idiot.”

I am becoming state-oriented again. Must… do… my… paper…


~ by rosmant on August 18, 2008.

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