Mr. Never Furious

Another one of my freewriting sessions and obviously I don’t what I am thinking when I registered this blog but haven’t go any idea to share goddamnit I don’t want to feel this anymore I wish I could die but I don’t want to oh well I can I say if I want something or not I think only an observer can find out oh well I still have a file to print for tomorrow it is a handout for our previous report in Perception the report is all about subliminal perception okay nothing to talk about right now I think I am doing this partly because I am hoping to exercise my skills in writing and partly because I am afraid to share any ideas that will be or rather will be looked at as devian deviant deviant someone just left oh I am here at DilNet hoping that somehow Zetty comes here but why am I thinking of her when I am in the brink of losing Voldemort well now I suppose that is why I chose this title for this post basically I am angry at myself but why can’t be angry to her after all she did to me when will I be able to assert my will martir martir shit please end my life right now ih great I am starting sound suicidal suicide is not the answer of course it is not that’s what we have been taught of you cannot take your own life war bears says Randal nothing to typed about am I going to stop this right now hey I am starting feel okay with this arrangement and I believe I am improving my typing skills guess I will find a software that will enhance my typing skills further is Voldemort doing alright right now how is Zetty doing with her exams why am I asking myself with these questions Raiza is beside me right now Marc and Randal is behind me I hear jeeps from the road is that right grammar just remembered xkcd and grammar what am I going to do right now will I be able to pursue life again as I’ve pursued it before hey Maam Cantiller noticed me in the department and was glad to know that she still remembers the incomplete subjects and reminds me about that gonna tell Marc oh Marc just remembered he is serotonin challenged hahahahahahahahahaha oh Jevic says suspenders and about Gerry bonus says Randal my hands are starting to get numbed Raiza is typing something Gripo says Marc okay I think I have to stop gonna go to the kingdom hall maybe I will be riding an fx for a change and stop.


~ by rosmant on August 12, 2008.

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