My Last Drop of BK Coke

This will be my first post and I am planning to do this using what was taught to me as freewriting that means there will be no dots or periods in this post mainly the stream of my thoughts James is here and he is asking me who is online I explained to him that I am currently freewriting he then offers me the last piece of the french fries or is it fry oh shit Sponge Cola’s on the sort of movie thing singing ‘Nakakapagtaka’ bawat paalam ay puno ng iyakan okay I want to write here something profound but tomorrow is BA101 and I have to study since I missed or was absent last meeting and I need to catch up with my studies seeing that I might have failed our midterm there speaking of failing I am depressed right no because I wasn’t able to finish any of the problems in the CS11 practical exams yup what the hell of course what does a psych major doing in a programming class you have enough problems with your course speaking of just remembered Voldemort and I think she is getting tired of me how is Zetty is she alright I want to help her damn I am so full with the fries the cholesterol man is someone playing counterstrike here at BK uhoh someone has just PM’ed me in meebo but I can’t answer it because of what I am doing right now should I stop hmmm why am I posting here to begin with is this worth it or will people just laugh at me saying what an idiot I am I wish the world is a better place okay define better ooops nothing write about am i exhausting the topics here guess I should quit well at least I still have something to write here but I wish I can write something linear next time is the reader gonna be okay with this okay a thought hey reader what am I suppose to say to the reader hey nice song my hands are getting numb with typing where the hell is zetty, should I still disturb her why am I feeling this way when I am not suppose to feel this it is so emo by the way the download is so slow here is my Filipino English damnit what the hell am I suppose to do now seeing that she won’t respond and maybe this will be the end of the friendship could I rationalize that I want her to be my inspiration damnit my shoulders are getting numbed too what the hell okay lost my concentration is that the BK theme song what time should I go is there a brighter future for me why the hell am I asking these questions okay gotta stop right now oh shit I can’t stop but must stop right now what will happen to our Psych 180 class is Maam Che alright I wish that I could somehow comfort her I must do something tomorrow for her is Mark D still online is Zetty online is Voldemort online okay gotta stop now.


~ by rosmant on August 11, 2008.

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