Morning Fiasco

I was up last night till 2am while reviewing some literature for our paper proposal. Since I am a person who is fond of getting his 8 hours of sleep, I was too sleepy to get up at my assigned time, which is 7am. This lead to a discovery of a subtle alarm clock that exists unnoticed until too late. I keep a water container on my bedside table and me, accidentally toppling it on my bed – all of its contents poured on my face actually – was fully awake in nanoseconds time.
I am supposed to leave the house at 9am but still here typing this post. What the hell am I doing? I am supposed to be in Quezon City Sports Club at 10am.
Well, I just drank my last drop of black coffee now. Here goes one hell of a day.


~ by rosmant on July 27, 2008.

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