…and it all ends here

Today I just finished taking up my finals in Math 100, and in Tuesday we will pass our Research Paper regarding music and loquaciousness. The semester ends, this day will end minutes later, and the song I am listening right now also ends.

Here in the office are my co workers Aisa and Daniel. Aisa is nearing the end of her life as an undergrad student, and will graduate this April. I hope that the curse of Oble will not have an effect on her.

Maybe because I haven’t eaten anything at lunch, I cannot think sanely today. Well, what is sane? Seems to me people are all insane.

Just look at the recent hostage taking of students here in Manila. The hostage taker – I forgot his name – demands for education of some hundred children. Well his willing to make some sacrifices, but I wonder if he ever thought that by taking the kids as his hostage, he ruined their future.

But the funniest thing that happened is that the government commented at the incident as shameful, NAKAKAHIYA.

Look whose talking.

Where is the budget for education going? Isn’t it that you are pushing several state universities to privatization so that the budget for education could be channeled for the so called basic education of young Filipinos?

And so it reminds me of something: The UP culture is near its end, if it has not already.

UP. I can still see many fellow students who are eager to learn, not to pass the subject. But I am especially disappointed at the current freshie batch. I don’t know, but in my NatSci 1 class, they don’t look like UP students. Or maybe this batch of freshies who had taken this Natsci class with me don’t know the concept of ethics. But the chance that all unethical freshies enrolling in the same section seems far fetch. I am not saying that all freshies are like that, of course, since I know a few who are more of a UP student.

Maybe it is my standard, but that is why I can say that the UP culture is near its end.

And also, for me, a relationship ends. Cannot bring back the past. A single miscalculation and it turned a dream relationship into a nightmare. My life could end easily because of this. Insanity. Yes, my sanity ended that one fateful night.

March 10 2007. Remember that Raiza.

And in my blogs, I will end my struggle to write in English. Next time, I will make use of my native tongue.

And so there ends my pointless digression.


~ by rosmant on March 30, 2007.

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