The pathetic story of the warrior who can’t fight

Once upon a time, in the land where weird things happen and all sort of sadness and depression lurk, there was a warrior who loved but wasn’t loved.

He doesn’t look like a warrior at all when he was a child. He was sickly and small, and you can always find him crying at the streets. He was taunted at bullied by people around him. He just endured this kind of torture until one day, he decided he had had enough and decided that he will be strong, that he will one day become a warrior. And so the years went, and after training so hard all those years, he became a fine warrior of swords.

But though he became a warrior, in his heart he’s still that child who cries at the streets. He thought this made him weak, and so he tried to be cold and hard like a stone, emotionless and detached.

Until one day he met the Harleen herself, and she banished the cold armor that he wears around his heart. The Harleen is the daughter of the ruler of their kingdom, so he thinks that she wouldn’t take notice of him. But she had taken notice, and, though many opposed to their feelings, the two became lovers, though in secret.

Things were so happy for the warrior and the Harleen. Until one day, the warrior discovered that he has a terrible disease; Every time he will get close to someone, thorns pierce from inside his body until he looks like a cactus. At first it wasn’t noticeable, but as time passed the thorns multiplied and became larger and larger. Because of this, the warrior and the Harleen cannot touch without the Harleen getting hurt. The warrior cannot endure that the Harleen herself is suffering from his thorns; when he tries to get close, he always hurt her. So he decided to left the Harleen to try to find a cure to his disease.

This greatly depressed the Harleen, and though his mails always came, full of sweet poems and promises, the Harleen’s heart slowly drifts away from the warrior’s. There were times when the warrior hears rumors that his beloved Harleen is having a relationship with another man, but he ignored those rumors. When he found out that the Harleen really sees someone, he controlled himself, and though it was hard, his love for the Harleen was stronger, so he always forgave her.

The time came when he was almost healed. He came back to their home but he found it deserted. He later found out from asking around that the Harleen doesn’t love her anymore and wants nothing to do him. Sad, but accepting his fate, he walked away from his house and walked, and walked, towards the nothingness of the streets, face impassive but few tears coming down on his cheek. He was a warrior after all, so he does not cry like he was a child, but the child was still crying inside him, howling, waiting for the voice of the Harleen, waiting for her to say ‘come back to me.’

The Harleen now seems happy with her new life. How really happy she is, I don’t know, but I know how grief-stricken the warrior is, as I met him at that street of nothingness. I looked at him and he looked at me, and both of us smiled, seeing how pathetic we looked to each other. We both fought, but cannot fight. How pathetic.


~ by rosmant on March 21, 2007.

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