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This will be a sort of anything-goes post, since I do not have enough time to even to sleep, let alone posting a very relevant ideas. I will state my opinions frankly and clearly.
Due to several things that I face this semester – designing an experiment, working as a student assistant, and building my life and identity from scratch in a institution designed to destroy your preconceived notions – I barely had time to express my loath on the University’s tuition fee increase. Of course the government is steadily decreasing our budget, to the point that our education deteriorates, and so the University must find ways to augment this situation, but increasing the tuition fee without proper consultation to those who will be directly affected – us students – is cowardly and outright violation of our rights. It is very easy for you to say that this is the practical thing to do, yet you do not consider the situation of the students. And as for that STFAP, how about the middle class? Ever thought about them at your meetings? Aside from that, we are a state university. Increasing the tuition fee will only pamper the government to abandon its responsibility to us students, and may encourage the woman who calls herself the President of this country that she could continually use this tuition hike as a weapon to us students. Elaboration will come on later posts. And for that argument that basic education is a right but not tertiary education, just look around and see if real, basic education is served to us. Apparently tertiary education here in the Philippines just finishes our basic education, so that many people graduate without knowing or thinking what is it like to be human, and how to live like one. If the current trend persists, then tertiary education IS a right, since it is part of our basic education to to be educated as an individual human being, not just cogs in the machinery of the establishment.
And that is all I can say for now, since I will prepare for our research proposal defense tomorrow. I apologize if I made politically incorrect statements. I will elaborate on my succeeding posts.
Until next time.


~ by rosmant on February 12, 2007.

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