Sembreak – My Version

As the rest of my acquiantances enjoy their respective semestral breaks, I toil to accomplish tasks I never imagined doing in my life (at least before I entered the University).

Our sembreak started last October 10 but i still can’t feel that it’s vacation time. Because of my socphobe, I wasn’t able to complete a requirement in my Filipino Psych subject. I was suppose to volunteer to an NGO that has a program to help some of the marginalized sector in our society (those of you who read Jessica Zafra’s Twisted 6, you may have thought that the term ‘marginalized sector’ is not a proper term for street children or abandoned old people or people with disabilities, for it may also mean people such as ‘trekkies’ – fanatics of star trek – people who are looked down by the majority of the society).

So here I am doing some volunteer work in the barangay, and hoping that my supervisor give me some REAL volunteer work – you know, those sort of stuff of HELPING people – and not just making me attend their meetings and various events where I see nothing but political image making of various councilors, which parade their faces and their educational attainment in fans and calendars. I want to say something about those calendars. They gave me a 2005 – 2006 calendar, from November to August. Note to those people who wear yellow vests and think people having no sense of time: At least give a calendar which is useful. Heck I don’t need the councilors’ face, I need proof that they are working and the taxes that the people pay gets its worth.

On other boring events of my extremely boring life, I along with my fellow applicants in DilNet (Diliman Network) IT Helpdesk were given two new projects to accomplish before the end of this year. One is to setup an OpenSSL server and another is to build a customized UBCD (Ultimate Boot CD) from the newly released UBCD Full 3.4. Though it may be harder than the volunteer thing, at least I’ll enjoy this one.

No rest for the weary for me.


~ by rosmant on October 28, 2006.

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