Shockwave Pulsar

Quistis poured all of her strength to one very powerful attack against Ultimecia – the Shockwave Pulsar. But alas, the party is still weak, and seconds later, Squall, Irvine, and Quistis herself were defeated, and succumbed to the great power of Ultimecia

A lot has changed this semester. For instance, Pluto is not a planet anymore, and we now have 8 planets in the Solar System instead of nine. Think of the confusion of future generations if they read our textbooks and literature and suddenly found out that our generation believed that Solar System has nine planets.

But of course that is not the biggest change this semester. For me, at least (there may be people whose lives were depended on the Pluto’s status as a planet).

Last week I decided that I will reform my bad habits and finally take my studies seriously. So I read and read. I surf information on the net (I also kind of harvest information on computer shops, since I acquired my flash disk) and slept little to study more. I gave my whole power and concentration. The result? The universe does not want me to triumph, and instead of accomplishing much last week, I succumbed to its greater power and got a damn flu + sinusitis + dry cough.

So my shockwave pulsar failed. I ended up cramming for my academics. Is that all? On the contrary, I have a presentation tommorow, a discussion of project progress on Thursday (but there is no progress and I have to make one right now) and three sudden fictions + reflection paper on the same day that was supposed to be passed yesterday, so I was hoping that either there were no classes yesterday for that subject or my prof will accept my excuse and my work.

It seems I can’t post regularly due to the rigidity of my schedule, but anyway I still want to expound on that world of ruins concept.

So that’s it, and bye for now.


~ by rosmant on September 5, 2006.

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