My fourth first post

Seriously, this is only my fourth time starting a weblog. Anyway I spent my entire summer reading, thinking, and travelling. No time to post. Nothing to write about anyway. Even if there is a material worthy of being expounded slash crticized slash ranted, my brain is in complete hibernation every summer vacation.

I started my second year of studying in the University trying to snap my brain into its optimum performance. Though I didn’t take any PE subjects this semester, as well as CWTS, my time is drained by several homeworks, papers, and the aplication as an SA. I am also revising my reflection paper in Psych 108 as I type this nonsense you’re reading.

The title may be implying that you can read something boring but meaningful here. Right now I can’t organize my thoughts still but I will soon expound on the thought and the vision of living in a world of ruins. Yes, I borrowed the term from Final Fantasy VI but this weblog has nothing to do with FFVI nor any games. I’ll soon explain.


~ by rosmant on June 25, 2006.

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