It’s like…

“I guess I am a little bit happy now that she isn’t sad anymore.”


~ by rosmant on February 3, 2006.

2 Responses to “It’s like…”

  1. Give me a break will you…Jeez…

  2. Uhmm, unless you are now in the position of eliminating article 3 section 4 of our 1987 philippine constitution and have already done so, I think we have a concept called ‘freedom of expression’. Yes you expressed your opinion as you did in your last comment, but please refrain from taking it personally, since it is ‘I’ who feels happy and not other else. Therefore I have a right whatsoever to express it, and if people find it cheesy, if it doesn’t seriously damaged anything or anyone, then please keep your comments to yourself, since your implying that I should limit my freedom of expressing myself for the sake of absence of cheesiness.

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