Life after the 30th

“I woke up from deep slumber. I must be correct that the universe is always plotting against me. I wasn’t given the luxury of obliviating the experiences that happened yesterday.

I thought perhaps that I must be having a nightmare, and for a moment there I almost deluded myself into believing. Naturally, I figured that it really happened. It really happened. It really… happened. I guess moronity and retrogade amnesia is a bliss this time.

‘I must get up for school.’ I said to myself.

I will not discuss the details of my ultimately gross and boring life. I will only say that today I am in what I call a ‘zombie state’. Yes, I look like one but today I really and actually act like one (except of course eating flesh).

I was late for my Chemistry 16 class due to lack of FX. I walked from Forest Hill to my former learning institution, also known as a school. I hear songs that I suspect of mocking me and my situation.

Throughout the day my friend, whom I shall name here as Seraph (not connected with the deposed president Erap) made me laugh, since he is the only one who knows the misery I am going though.

Hey, am I really depressed?

Life won’t stop. Time won’t stop. At least I am trying follow its pace. At least I am trying to get hold of my life.

Get a hold on my life.

And it feels like holding Pacific’s entire water volume with your bare hands.”


~ by rosmant on January 31, 2006.

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