Don’t read this if you’re not interested… You have been warned

“See? I told you not to read this. Well, what can I do? You’re now here. I hope you’ll not end up in the mental hospital or your therapist. Don’t be angry; I am just protecting you. There is just too much collapsing, drooling, crawling and cringing in my presence, and I don’t want people live in morbid fear thinking about me, so I’ve decided to place a banner on my back for people to leave me alone.

And you tell me I don’t care for humanity?

And now here I am, all alone in the darkness of my house, with only the music of Pachelbel as a company against the deafening silence. My trist esse is quite long, but I do intend to hold on rather than push myself to the people who wouldn’t even breathe next to me. I don’t have to suffer an ignis fatuus.

Slowly I slid back to my protective shell, w/c kept me going these past few years.

I am sorry that this is a flummox, und so weiter.

To quote Bud Thomas, ‘see you when I see you’… I hope that I still have my eyes, which is imposibble, since it progresses even more to darkness.”



~ by rosmant on January 23, 2006.

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