Pachelbel vs. Winston

“Canon in D, arrangement by George Winston.

For days I’ve been trying to make up my mind whether would I play that variation or come up with a version of my own.

Last Sunday I was invited by the groom to play at their marriage reception. I was actually shocked at first, since my reputation as a great pianist is as widely known as my reputation that I am a very fluent Chinese speaker (and of course I am not).

‘What are you going to play? Is it a killer?’ he asked.

‘Basta.’ I said, ‘It’s some classic piece I’ve played occasionally in the past.’

And now here I am, sitting at the front of the monitor, typing this post while listening to Canon, hoping that somehow an inspiration punch me in my head. For the past five days I’ve been struggling let my head relax and revive my passion of playing (My synthesizer remained untouched since I entered The University), causing incomplete assignments, near-death experiences (not the out-of-body experience, but nearly dying, if you know what I mean), headaches, and unpalatable beef(?) steaks.

In the midst of fake bovine meats, alaxan tablets, and infuriating ‘If-I-had-studied-then-I-would-have-passed’ or ‘If-I-had-carefully-answered-then-I-would-have-passed’ papers, I hope I may find my lost passion once again.”

213 words


~ by rosmant on January 20, 2006.

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