Vacation Chronicles – Countdown

“I am now using a blue pen. Usually I use black but current circumstances gave me no option.

No, I don’t celebrate New Year. The tradition is pagan in origin (the pagan god Janus) and is commemorated by making loud noises either by partying really hard or using fireworks.

I am dedicating this log to the last minutes of the year 2005. I must hurry though, for it’s the year 2006 ten minutes later. Hey, I heard the scientists is adding a second either this year next year.

I will highlight the goals I must reach next year:

1. I gave myself one year to progress spiritually and possibly be an R.P.
2. More study and research on the Bible.
3. Never give up.
4. Improve academic skills.

As the New Year approaches, I am hoping to fulfill these goals.”


~ by rosmant on January 2, 2006.

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