Vacation Chronicles – 27-Dec-05 One o’clock in the Morning

”I sat up on my bed. The compounding anxiety, hunger and stomach ache is unbearable. I switch on the light in my room, went out, and trekked down the spiral staircase. I directly went to the switches of the lights for the living room and kitchen. I went back under the staircase to wear my slippers. I went (I am sleepy; there are so many ‘went’ in my head. Give me a break) to the kitchen and opened the fridge. My appetite wants rice, and good thing I found some ‘sinigang’ and cold rice. I placed the ‘sinigang’ in the microwave oven and set it to three minutes. Then I went (again?!) back to the living room and turned the stereo component on and set it to IFM. Then I proceeded to the toilet to relieve myself. While sitting at the bowl I was surprised to hear songs with lyrics that have something to do with my current circumstances. Are radio stations spying on me lately?

I finished my business in the toilet and after I washed myself, I went back to the kitchen to check out the food. I sip some of the broth and discovered that it has a weird taste (Of course I used a spoon). To my dismay, I have no choice but settle for spaghetti. I took it out from the fridge and warmed the sauce. I ate while contemplating my life and the music the radio is playing.

After eating I brushed my teeth to ensure the perpetuation of my teeth. The same time I finished, IFM played ‘Same Ground’ by Kitchie Nadal. I stopped for a moment to listen.

After the song has ended, I unplugged the radio, cutting off Green Day’s voice while they’re singing ‘Wake me up when September ends’. As I slowly climbing the stairs, my mind is replaying the events that happened this year, highlighting the 22nd of August.

I now understand fully the words of Kitchie.”


~ by rosmant on January 2, 2006.

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