Allusions to apathetic ruminations

“This is a day of infamy.

I woke up not without a terrible headache, and my eyes were tired. Apparently reading books in the middle of the night isn’t always beneficial. However I still didn’t learn my lesson, for I continued reading what I’ve not finished the previous night. The title of the book is The War of the Worlds written by H.G. Wells. I think this book is familiar for modern-day people. It has been shown in numerous cinemas around the globe. I have one objection to the movie, courtesy of Hollywood’s producers. The title is the same, but the plot has changed, except for a few key elements. To me, who is a fan of Wells’ works, it is frustrating.

Today we will have a party for the youth in our congregation. Therefore I braced myself and started to clean the garage, the venue of the supposed party.

After that I have taken a bath and left the preparation of meals to the more expert people. I sat down to the computer and typed what have you just read.

Well, what can I do more in my life that is more interesting at this moment?

I ask your apologies for making you read this idiotic blog.

As I said, this is a day of infamy.”


~ by rosmant on December 29, 2005.

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