Why do I blog?

“Well, the most obvious reason is it is fun for me. Otherwise, I wouldn’t bother staring in the computer monitor typing, especially now since I recently lost my eyeglasses. Besides, it helps me to improve my writing skills, though I don’t believe that I am a terrific writer.

I started blogging on my first days in college. I already have a blog since my senior year in high school, thanks to Friendster. However I lack necessary skills to write/narrate/rant back then. Like some people I know, at first I am at loss of what to write.

Well, as I said, things began to change when I stepped in to the University. Because I am such a lazy student when I was in high school, I find it hard to keep up with the teaching pace. Not only that, but I also feel small whenever I am in the class rooms, having classmates with higher intelligence than me.

Due to frustrations, anger, self-doubt, loathing, and self-pity that began to accumulate inside my puny body, I started to find creative ways/pursuits to channel it out other than going berserk and immolating myself, thus exploding within the five kilometer radius. I found that writing all I feel in a blog is refreshing. It is like taking away all those frustrations, anger, self-doubt, loathing, and self-pity, and putting it in the blog. Never mind if the posts doesn’t make sense. The important thing is that at least I spared those people living within the five kilometer radius from the inferno.

So now here I am, staring at the computer screen, risking astigmatism, thinking of anything else to write. Maybe I’ll stop writing for now.”


~ by rosmant on December 28, 2005.

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