“I let my body rest on the armchair. I stayed all night reading Prelude to Foundation by Isaac Asimov, and now it seems like that I am going to pay for that mistake, especially since I have to go to the University at seven in the morning. Good thing I managed not to be late. However, that does not eliminate the tiredness of my body nor the weariness of my eyes, not to mention that I feel like I am walking in Cloud Nine (not the chocolate bar, dweeb). My body aches to feel the softness of the mattress, and my head longs for the comfort of my pillow. Nevertheless I must get to English 1 class on time. I mustn’t be late.

So here I am, collapsed in an armchair, waiting for our instructor. How long is this class? What is the time already? Hey, its 10:07 AM. Are there assignments, quizzes? Arrrgh! I do not want to think anymore. I just want to lie down. I just want this to be over. I want to go home already.

I let my head fall forward. Everything now seems blurred, but I don’t care. I feel my head’s weight becoming a burden.

I thought I heard my name called, but I scarcely understand it. Everything seems dark now. Then, whoa! I now see myself flying above the clouds, and surprised to see myself wearing the stupid blue suit, complete with its red underwear, though it is outside the blue suit. A letter ‘S’ is printed on my chest, couple with a red cape on my back.

I’ll never stay up all night reading books again.”


~ by rosmant on December 28, 2005.

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